COVID-19: The pandemic’s impact on consumer behaviour

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We’re all living in a strange time right now. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing regulations for retailers, consumer behaviour, in particular, has changed. While we can’t predict when our stores will be open again, one thing is certain: the desire for beauty never stops!

In April 2020, we surveyed 2,165 Douglas Beauty Card members to measure changes in shopping habits.

Beauty shopping behaviour since the COVID-19 crisis

It’s true: our customers’ shopping habits have changed. There was plenty of online shopping even before Corona, but the pandemic has pushed many of our shoppers to

Douglas customers’ shopping habits since the Corona crisis

Douglas customers’ shopping habits since the Corona crisis
Douglas customers’ shopping habits since the Corona crisis (source: Douglas)

Interest in beauty remains

Despite store closures in mid-March of last year, the survey reveals that our customers do not want to give up their facial care, make-up products, or favourite fragrances. They still want to do something good for themselves, take care of their bodies, and give them the care they deserve. Natural beauty products are particularly popular.

“One in two {customers} wants to {…} treat themselves and therefore wants to {…} continue ordering beauty and skincare products.”

Facial care products are the clear winner

We already saw in May 2019 that skincare is a significant part of everyday life. 97% of all women surveyed regularly use facial care products, as they highly value well-nourished skin. For them, skincare is part of a regular daily routine. This is especially true in the home office, where fewer women use makeup and give their skin a break with the right care.

Douglas at home

Above all, our customer surveys have made one thing very clear: there is no substitute for an in-store shopping experience. We know that these are not easy times. That is why Douglas continues to offer free shipping and gift wrapping to nevertheless make shopping online an attractive activity.

We’re all curious to see how the situation will develop throughout 2021. One thing we know for sure is that our customers eagerly await future store openings.

Source: Douglas („Douglas Kundenbefragung Coronaeffekte“, April 2020 // „Quick Screener Facecare U&A“, May 2019)

Purchasing behaviour after the Corona crisis

Diagramm Einkaufsverhalten vor und nach Corona
Purchasing behaviour after the Corona crisis (source: Douglas)

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