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– Innovative Marketing with Product Samples

Find out how you can give you the ultimate boost in awareness and win loyal customers in the long run. 

Discover Douglas Smart Sampling: we match your samples to your desired target group, use re-engagement and offer you the full power of ratings and reviews. 

Market Penetration with Smart Sampling

Few things are more persuasive to consumers than trying out a product with all their senses and, above all, in their familiar environment. The new generation of reviews is ushering in new purchase decision processes with trusted reviews. Proven to be one of the top 5 reasons for repeat purchases, samples offer brands a prime opportunity to drive long-term sales. Sampling ensures rapid market penetration, builds brand loyalty and has a strong word-of-mouth effect.

Acquiring Testers

With the powerful Douglas Smart Sampling, the optimal target group is first thoroughly acquired through various channels. The diverse and targeted activation campaigns are carried out on- and off-site. We use various data pools, from CRM to DMP to browsing data, to match the samples to the right target group. Douglas Smart Sampling is targeted, freebiehunterfree and engagement-driven. We offer 360° campaign management, including activation through data-driven matchmaking, testing with custom-branded sample boxes, and re-engagement to drive reviews, conversions and gain insights about your testers.

Douglas Smart Sampling Product Testing with Retargeting.

Sophisticated retargeting, such as “Request for Feedback-Mail” and “Drive to Purchase-Mail”, targets the real interest of your target group after the test phase. Overall, the product tests in sampling form offer a wide range of benefits, such as: 

  • Special look: All sample packaging can be individually customized. This way, the samples arrive at the testers’ homes in appealing packaging, creating an emotional connection. 
  • From testers to buyers: In the “Request for Feedback Mail”, we ask all testers for a review, which is published on the product’s product detail page in the DOUGLAS onlineshop. We also collect demographic and product-related data. In addition, in the “Drive to Purchase Mail” we encourage testers to purchase the full-size product.
  • Additional bonus: “Real-time engagement” in form of a Douglas Live stream ir external influencers can make your product become top of mind and create additional desirementHere, convinced influencern can motivate their followers to apply for the sampling or to buy the product directly.

Ready for your own personalized sampling campaign? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about product launch or our marketing strategy?
Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions!

What costs will you incur with Smart Sampling?
Our pricing model is based on packaging, the number of samples, and the channels used. The cost per sample price varies individually between €3 and €6.

What is the number of testers per campaign?
Our basic package includes 5,000 testers. You have the option to add up to 15,000 testers to the basic package.

How does Douglas Smart Sampling contribute to the successful marketing of my products?
Douglas Smart Sampling uses valuable Douglas data to match your samples to the right target group. The product tests help increasing brand awareness and strengthen the positioning in the competition.

How does Douglas Smart Sampling team support my advertising campaign and positioning of my brand?
Our product management team develops campaigns individually tailored to your goals and the needs of the target group. We create the whole user journey and acquire testers via our Douglas channels and cover the whole fulfillment. Our strategies are aimed at strengthening the respective brand through effective product marketing and targeted product launch. We support you in achieving your goals and successfully positioning your brand in the competition.

Ready to get started with Douglas Smart Sampling?
Utilize our expertise to increase the awareness of your brand with qualitative product contacts. Let us advise you on an optimal strategy and create an unparalleled brand experience for your target group. Choose now the perfect form of modern marketing in the beauty sector with DOUGLAS MARKETING SOLUTIONS!

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