Bild aller Teammitglieder
Bild aller Teammitglieder

Meet the team

Douglas Marketing Solutions is driven by a highly motivated team with expertise in media, digital marketing and brand building. We have worked in agencies as well as in the industry and retail. Passion, results, and transparency with customers are at the heart of what we do.

We’re here to make your brand visible to the right target audience. With data-driven media campaigns and insightful and transparent reports, we help you achieve your business goals.

Jessica Koch

VP New Business & Retail Media / Managing Director Beauty Media Solutions GmbH

Jessica is a digital marketer at heart with an entrepreneurial, creative mind – always hungry to identify new business opportunities. 

11 years of experience at l’Oréal in various marketing, e-commerce and sales roles have made Jessica a beauty expert. Her love for brand building, media and digital strategy come together in her position as Vice President New Business & Retail Media at Douglas. As Managing Director of the Beauty Media Solutions GmbH she is shaping the European retail media unit from strategy to commercialization and ad solutions development.

Aylin Ersan

Head of Retail Media

Aylin Ersan is the Head of Retail Media at Douglas and a passionate digital professional with more than 12 years of experience in brand strategy, digital marketing, media, and e-commerce on the agency, brand, and retail side.

Since 2019, she has helped build the Retail Media division into a successful business. Building on this, her area of responsibility is now to expand Retail Media solutions and campaigns in the core European countries with data-driven and insight-based media strategies.

Saskia Nettekoven

Team Lead New Business

Media specialist with a great passion for digital transformation and developing new business ideas for the digital age.

Creative, passionate, and forward-thinking digital native – Striving to face new challenges and find valuable solutions in a dynamic ever-changing environment.

Annalena Bauer

Team Lead Business Development & Sales

Annalena is a highly committed team player with an extraordinary passion for the digital and advertising world. She is driven to develop things and achieve great things together as a team.

Her constant thirst for discovering new possibilities and solving problems along the way is what sets her apart. For her, it’s about exploring all possibilities and thus achieving success together – no problem is unsolvable.

Lena Marquardt

Team Lead Client Service & Consulting

Media specialist with over 6 years of experience in consulting across all media channels with a focus on FMCG.

With her enjoyment of analysis and a holistic approach, she always aims to identify the best solutions for our clients along the entire customer journey.

Karina Wessels

Team Lead Digital Activation

Digital Marketing Lover with a focus on the best solutions.

With her expertise in performance marketing and digital media, Karina combines all the important aspects to achieve the best possible results. She thinks along the entire customer journey and uses the right data to guarantee long term success.

Christian Rödenbeck

Team Lead Audience and Data Activation

Christian has been involved in the topic of audiences for retail media since hour one in 2019. His passion is data, insights and using them to create e.g. more targeted marketing or a personalized user experience for the customer.

His journey began 15 years ago in the areas of ad and campaign management and continued through consulting into topics such as web analytics, testing/personalization and data activation with data management platforms.

Pinar Düsünmez

Senior Digital Activation Manager

Pinar’s journey into the digital world began 7 years ago and immediately fascinated her with all its facets. Whether it’s media planning, brand strategy or tracking – Pinar always has a holistic view of everything.

Her passion for beauty was further strengthened in the agency world when she had the opportunity to holistically manage well-known clients in the industry. She strives to develop 360 degree approaches for our partners and orchestrates all relevant channels with passion.

Thao Tram Lam

Intermediate New Business and Project Manager

As a Young Professional, Tram brings passion, creativity and a fresh eye for the beauty industry and future-oriented marketing approaches.

Always striving to optimize and motivated to take on new challenges, she wants to shape future digital trends and is willing to learn constantly.

Lena Schütze

Digital Media Consultant

A digital native with a passion – with 4 years of media agency experience, Lena brings her fascination for the media business, but especially for digital media and innovation.

Driven by creativity, always new challenges and the individual needs of the clients, she is able to translate her expertise into valuable strategies and thus provide consulting support to the beauty brands.ach, she always aims to identify the best solutions for our clients along the entire customer journey.

Xinying (Daisy) Jiang

Junior Digital Activation Manager

As a lover of the beauty industry, Daisy has a strong drive to work agilely in this dynamic team, developing and implementing digital activation campaigns and programmes that are aligned with the needs and goals of the supplier and the brand.

Teamwork, independence, flexibility are her biggest strengths and with her love for data and analytics, she is always ready to take on new challenges.

Lisa-Katharina Köntgen

Digital Activation Manager

As a young professional, Lisa not only brings passion, analytical skills and the pursuit of success. The beauty industry has long been a great passion of hers and now she can combine her knowledge of strategies and media plans with this subject matter.

With verve, she wants to create added value for brands and customers with specific marketing measures, leading them to success and progress.

Sina Marie Winkel

Junior Audience Manager

Always looking for optimization and motivated to take on new challenges – Sina discovers and grows data audiences for optimal budget allocation. The goal is always to adress the right users at the right time.

Doing the same thing every day? Not for Sina. As a young professional, she is motivated and dedicated to improve business constantly.

Abhijeet Rao

AdTech Architect and Process Manager

An Engineer with digital mindset and passion for Ad technology and automation tools.

Using the years of experience gained in Programmatic advertising, Ad Operations and Tech Integrations, he wants to develop data driven solutions to enable clients reach their goals. Abhijeet has always been motivated by challenging projects and being able to combine data and technology to deliver results.

Yasemin Kaya

Retail Media Sales & Business Development Manager

Yasemin Kaya focuses on building strong relationships with brands and partners as a Sales and Business Development Manager. She is passionate to establish retail media by introducing and consulting the different solutions and possibilities.

Having worked for a With over 10 years of experience in different parts of the digital industry such as Mobile Advertising and Google ad solutions she has a strong knowledge for guiding through a media portfolio and building high empathy for a brand’s need.

Courtland Dearing

Media & Advertising Solutions Manager

With 5+ years of experience developing advertising offerings in esports, Courtland takes his expertise of working in a digital first industry to Douglas, with an eagerness to innovate so that brands can activate against the latest advancements in digital marketing.

He is finding new and exciting ways to turn data into insights into action.

Eleonora Falso

E-Commerce Brand & Content Manager

Being web designer at heart with a passion for E-Commerce, constantly on the lookout for innovations and new ways to approach online retail, is what has allowed her to make great strides in her role.

Having worked for a considerable amount of time at a marketing agency, she has experience working in both sides of the business. Her future aspirations include building success stories for brands and keep on challenging herself to grow and learn.

Louise Termont

Retail Media Manager

With over 6 years of experience in the beauty industry and 3 years in media and marketing, Louise has developed a strong passion for retail. Her ability to think from a retailer’s perspective and passion for marketing make a career in retail media the perfect choice.

With a lot of creativity and ambition, she wants to help clients grow and find the perfect fit of our marketing solutions that match the brand’s desires and goals.

Elsa Prouteau

Key Account Manager Retail Media

With more than 5 years of experience in e-commerce and retail media, Elsa has developed a passion for retail media brand strategies. She has worked for brands and retailers and has experience on both sides of the business.

Her goal is to build strong relationships with our customers to help them grow and add value to Douglas. She loves to bring her previous experience in the beauty industry and is looking forward to new challenges.

Wiktoria Grabek

Retail Media Sales Coordinator

Wiktoria has 8 years of e-commerce marketing experience. She is always trying to connect her marketing knowlege with content to achieve the best results for your beauty business.

Her goal is to build a strong relationship with our partners and help them grow. Her positive attitude and a desire to promptly resolve potential issues makes her successful in her role.

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