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ONSITE and OFFSITE Advertising Solutions to help you succeed

We convince beauty lovers of your product at the right time and in the right place. Whether in Douglas online-stores or on the web and social media, we offer the perfect data-driven advertising solution.

ONSITE campaigns

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product Ads

Increase visibility, discovery, and purchase probability on the digital shelf

The TOP10 results on the product overview page generate around 50% of all clicks. We help you secure the top two spots in category and search results. Consistently visible, consistently top of mind, consistently pole position.  We charge on a cost-per-click base, we optimize the return on advertising spent.

Audience Ads

Audience Ads

Increase brand consideration and awareness

Audience ads look like regular banners but are much more powerful. Contextual targeting allows you to display products based on the visitor's shopping behaviour and preferences, even across categories and keywords. We make the most of your resources by targeting only the most relevant potential customers. 

OFFSITE campaigns

Social and Display Advertising

Social and Display Advertising

Unique reach for your brand

Our data management platform hosts our first-party data (e-commerce, CRM and in-store) which are ready-to-use audiences such as gift buyers, makeup addicts, or fragrance lovers. We enrich these with individual brand audiences. Then, we drive the campaign off-site across the web, including social media channels, and use re-targeting and re-engagement tactics to drive potential buyers to your brand on Douglas.

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Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising

From the search engine straight to your brand on Douglas

With search engine advertising campaigns, we leave nothing to chance. We reach highly relevant buyers who start their search on Google and guide them directly to your product.

Product Test campaigns

Product Test

Product Test

Discover the power of word-of-mouth marketing and boost your e-commerce business with qualitative reviews

Have your products tested by customers from our CRM community who have been cured exclusively for you. Generate authentic testimonials in the form of reviews, quotes, images, etc. at the place to be - the product detail page. Increase your conversion rate and your sales on up to two platforms sustainably and benefit from marketing and media booster options.

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