Behind the Scenes: Lena Schütze – Digital Media Consultant

Lena Schütze is Digital Media Consultant at Douglas Marketing Solutions. With 4 years of agency experience, especially in digital media & channels for various industries from the retail, fashion & beauty sectors, she is the specialist for the digital media presence for brands. She focuses on holistic media consulting and planning along the entire customer journey with a focus on digital touchpoints. Digital native by heart – already during her master studies in Digital Business Management with a focus on Digital Marketing, Lena started in Performance Marketing on the agency side.  

Thanks to her experience and personal motivation, Lena is the ideal partner for brands wanting to grow in the digital media business.   

What drives me?  

The versatility of the media business. No two cases are the same, which makes the work so exciting. I like to face the ever-changing requirements and new impulses of the clients – new challenges are what drive me. I use this to develop customized and unique concepts that are precisely tailored to the individual needs of the various beauty brands. My goal is to create added value for our clients and to find concrete solutions.  

What makes my work special?  

The focus is always on the individuality of each brand. Our unique 1st party database allows us to capture the current status quo of brands, products and target groups. The speciality of my work is to transform this data creatively and conceptually into strategic, activatable measures for the brand. In doing so, we do not follow a universal scheme. Rather, we develop individually tailored recommendations and measures for a successful digital media strategy for each client.  

What is my tip for beauty brands?  

Think digital, data-driven and outside the box – that’s where the best ideas come from. DOUGLAS MARKETING SOLUTIONS is the ideal sparring partner for this, because we create insight-based and innovative strategies together with you and your brand. We offer individual advertising solutions along the entire customer journey to increase the success of your brand. 

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