Behind the Scenes: Thao Tram Lam – Junior New Business & Project Manager

Today we introduce our newest employee Thao Tram Lam. Her journey at Douglas Marketing Solutions began with an internship followed by a working student position. Now Tram is climbing the next rung on the career ladder: Junior New Business & Project Manager at Douglas Marketing Solutions. In addition to creativity and passion, Tram also brings a new perspective on the beauty industry and thus on future-oriented marketing approaches. She wants to help shape future digital trends and is always striving for new optimizations. She is motivated to take on new challenges and is constantly learning.

What drives me?

The dedication and passion of the Douglas Marketing Solutions team and the infinite optimization possibilities that comes with online marketing!

What makes my work special?

The flexible thinking and open-minded ways of working in order to strive for the best campaign results and innovative solutions. The new business department of Douglas constantly questions the status quo and is looking for new future projects and opportunities.

My recommendation for Beauty Brands:

Discover the power of word-of-mouth marketing and increase the success of new products & bestsellers by booking a Douglas Beauty Tester campaign.

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