Product reviews increase the conversion rate: Customers become brand ambassadors with the DOUGLAS BEAUTY TESTER

With shops closed around the world, customers are currently unable to smell products, feel their texture and experience their effectiveness. This is where meaningful and authentic product reviews posted by other consumers are making more of a difference. 97 % of users take a look at reviews while shopping — a behaviour that the DOUGLAS BEAUTY TESTER takes advantage of.

The programme also invites testers to create authentic testimonials in the form of image/video content and share them on social networks, creating real storytelling and valuable user-generated content, with the brand learning from each of the experiences posted. Douglas turns exclusively selected testers from the Beautycard CRM programme into authentic product ambassadors. Through this, DOUGLAS MARKETING SOLUTIONS enables brands to create user-generated content at the ‘Place-to-be’: the product detail page. This affects e-commerce sales: the conversion rate can increase by a strong 44 % when a product has more than 200 reviews.*

No matter whether it’s for a skincare enthusiast or a make-up lover — we have the ideal tester for every product.

Beauty Tester
Douglas Beauty tester posting their reviews on social media.

As the largest beauty platform in Europe, Douglas has dedicated consumer profiles in the ‘beauty and lifestyle’ sector. DOUGLAS MARKETING SOLUTIONS is sure to find the right product testers for each and every beauty brand with its CRM data pool of over 44 million customers in Europe. No panel sharing and no scatter loss.

70–80 % of selected testers leave a review

The results are valuable and personal testimonials convince other customers of the products. Testers who are social media-savvy share their experiences with their community under the hashtag #douglasbeautytester and also use a brand-specific hashtag (#), so that a high level of word-of-mouth is created in their personal environment. This makes the testers into nano influencers who gain a great deal of influence, as you can see in this Influencity article. An individual results page is created for each campaign, which visualises the top reviews and social posts and anchors these results in an eye-catching manner in the Douglas World.

Syndication on up to 4 platforms

In order for the product review to reach maximum visibility on Europe’s No. 1 beauty platform, the reviews will not only be shown on douglas.de, but also syndicated to parfumdreams.de and to Austria and Switzerland.**

Douglas Collection Mascara

Successful first campaign with Douglas Collection Mascara

The No Compromise Mascara by Douglas shows us how it’s done with an 81 % review rate. Within just two weeks, 161 additional reviews were left on the product details page. 78 % also took part in an additional consumer survey, which generated valuable insights into the purchasing behaviour of the target group. Customers are invited to post testimonial content, like videos or images, under a campaign-specific hashtag (#). The advertised brand can build on this as part of its digital media campaigns, and profits from a social media buzz as well as a long-lasting and positive SEO effect.

* Source: Bazaarvoice, Conversation Index, 2014
** depending on the booked package

Beauty Tester Box
Customers can test the product from the comfort of their own home.

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