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Behind The Scenes: Aylin Ersan – Head of Digital Media & Retail Media Lead

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Behind the scenes at Douglas Marketing Solutions! Behind our #adsolutions stands a great team that we would like to introduce to you. Our next team member is Aylin Ersan: Head of Digital Media & Retail Media Lead. Aylin will tell you what makes her work so special and she also has a tip for beauty brands!


I´m driven to deliver good results that make our clients happy and to find an answer to brands´individual needs and challenges that is truly based real customer data.


The combination of the diversity of brands and data, and the thus the different challenges that we tackle together with the clients based on insights, makes my work so special.


Brands should be where their customers are with their activities. They should build their entire communication strategy on the basis of data- and customer-centric information and knit it around this. Especially now, the presence in E-Commerce is indispensable to give the final impulse to buy. Be relevant and take the place where the customer is taking place!

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