Behind the Scenes: Eleonora Falso – eCommerce Brand & Content Manager

Being a web designer at heart with a passion for e-commerce, constantly on the lookout for innovations and new ways to approach online retail, is what has allowed Eleonora to make great strides in her role as eCommerce Brand & Content Manager.

Having worked for a considerable amount of time at a marketing agency, Eleonora has experience working on both sides of the business. As a result, she has been able to establish long-term relationships with beauty brands and build on them overtime, resulting in her promotion to content management.

Her future aspirations include building success stories for brands and keep on challenging herself to grow and learn.

What drives me?

Innovation is one of my main motivators. I strive to use novel systems to improve existing solutions, as well as collaborate with others in the creation of new ones.

What makes my work so special?

Every day I have the opportunity to communicate with a lot of people from a variety of brands, each with their own targets and goals. Working with them on coming up with a good plan for their product launches or with brand activations activities to boost their sales and increase their visibility and mindshare.

My tip for beauty brands

Douglas possesses one of the most powerful data-driven suites for marketing, and we have access to specific customer behavior that most other advertisers and marketers do not. If I were to give some advice to brands, it would be to take full advantage of all the insight we have to offer on how to advertise their products on our platform as a way of maximising their sales and exposure.

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