Behind the Scenes: Pinar Düsünmez – Senior Digital Activation Manager

Today on Behind the Scenes, meet Pinar Düsünmez. Pinar’s digital journey began seven years ago. Whether media planning, brand strategy or tracking – the digital world fascinates her. In doing so, she always has everything in sight. At Douglas Marketing Solutions, Pinar can combine her passion for the digital world with her other passion for beauty. She works with renowned clients in our agency and develops 360-degree marketing approaches for them.

What drives me?

Seeing how brands trust us as their no 1 beauty partner to push their business and let us be part of their mission. Knowing we have the data our partners are wishing for drives me since day 1!

What makes my work special?

It’s definitely our data! It is unique and brings us so many interesting insights which we can use for so many cases. The orchestration of all relevant touch points within a campaign makes it varied and exciting.

My recommendation for Beauty Brands:

It doesn’t matter which goal your brand follows – we have the right approach. Generate your own insights with us and benefit throughout your whole customer journey. You won’t regret it!

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In the make-up world, shopping online can be difficult for many customers. If, for example, you don't know exactly which product you need in which colour, you may get the wrong tone. To counteract this, DOUGLAS has introduced the innovative BEAUTY MIRROR in the app: An augmented reality application within the DOUGLAS app that allows customers to virtually test make-up products. In this blog post, you can find out how DOUGLAS uses this concept to offer its customers in the online shop advice that almost feels like at the counter in the store and how the Beauty Mirror Brands benefit at the same time. Enjoy reading!

Behind the Scenes: Lena Marquardt – Team Lead Client Service & Consulting

Lena Marquardt is a media specialist with over 6 years of experience in service and consulting. She looks at what is happening across all media channels with a focus on FMCG. With her particular enjoyment of figures, data and facts, she is an absolute specialist for various analyses. Furthermore, with a holistic view, she can always identify the best solutions for our clients along the entire customer journey. With her personal drive and special love for numbers, Lena is the perfect Team Lead in Client Service & Consulting.

Behind the Scenes: Louise Termont – Retail Media Manager

Louise has a huge passion for retail, as she comes from a long line of entrepreneurs in the luxury industry. Her creativity and ambition paved her way to online marketing. Her ability to think from a retailer’s perspective as well as being a marketeer at heart, makes a career in retail media the perfect fit. Her love for cosmetics really is the cherry on top! With her 6+ years of experience in the beauty industry and 3 years in media and marketing, Louise is the destined candidate for the position of a Retail Media Manager.

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