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Beauty’s comeback? How the beauty market will change post-Corona

Following a drop in sales due to the Corona crisis, the beauty market is now slowly regaining ground. As a result, the global beauty market is expected to reach, if not exceed, pre-Corona levels as early as this year. But are we going to pick up where we left off?

Aylin Ersan - Douglas Marketing Solutions

Behind The Scenes: Aylin Ersan – Head of Digital Media & Retail Media Lead

Behind the scenes at Douglas Marketing Solutions! Behind our #adsolutions stands a great team that we would like to introduce to you. Our next team member is Aylin Ersan: Head of Digital Media & Retail Media Lead. Aylin will tell you what makes her work so special and she also has a tip for beauty brands!

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Live shopping boom in China: record sales of 15,000 lipsticks in 5 minutes

Shopping via livestream has triggered a real boom in China. In 2020, Chinese online retailers doubled their sales with this form of teleshopping. This has given rise to an industry with a turnover of around €134 billion, 50,000 livestreams per day, and 260 million views. But how sustainable is this hype?

Douglas Live

DOUGLAS LIVE: Shopping experience that delivers the entertainment factor

Yassin Hamdaoui has been working at Douglas for three years. After working in the digital division and on both shop content and the integration of content into the customer journey, he is now responsible for product data management in its entirety, as well as social commerce and innovations, and has been since March 2021. This area includes live shopping concepts as well as new shopping concepts for the e-sector. We interviewed Yassin, and he spoke to us about DOUGLAS LIVE and how, with these formats, shopping can become a real all-round experience.

Douglas Bazaarvoice

The backbone of e-commerce: How online reviews and “social proof” determine e-commerce performance

The rapid development of social media and e-commerce is attracting more and more consumers to online forums that revolve around products and their reviews. Reviews have now become so important in e-commerce that they have already established their own little ecosystem, consisting of a total of four main players: Rating syndicators, sampling providers, analytics companies, and retailers.

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