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A Comparison Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms

A Comparison: Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms

Advertisers know that today data is essential for targeted strategy planning and campaign execution. But not all data is the same. What information do you need to get the best results? This always depends on the campaign objective. But once you know what data you need, there is still the question of how to get a relevant data pool. In this blog post, we contrast the features of customer data platforms (CDP) and data management platforms (DMP) and answer questions like "What are the benefits of these two types of platforms?", "How do they differ?" and "Which type of platform is more suitable for which marketing objective?" Enjoy reading!

Mann bezahlt mit seiner Kreditkarte

Individualisation and personalisation – e-commerce and online marketing rely on personalised and individualised content

Everyone knows the situation: We search for something on Google and all of a sudden, even if the search has long since ended, we get a bunch of advertisements on the previously searched topic. The keyword in this case is personalisation. This brings in billions for the marketing industry, but in today's world it is also necessary in order to be able to distribute products to the right target group at all. Nowadays, our society is becoming more and more diverse, and so is its buying behaviour. People live in different places, have different interests and use different platforms. So it is becoming more and more difficult to reach every user equally well.

DOUGLAS Retail Media Summit

The 1st Douglas Retail Media Summit – exciting topics on the trendy subject of retail media

It's done and the whole Douglas Marketing Solutions team is overjoyed. The 1st Retail Media Summit was a complete success. Over 800 registrations and overwhelming feedback from the audience make it clear: there will definitely be a second edition of the Summit. What made the Summit so special, what topics, information, lectures and master classes it was all about and who took part – find out here.

Schriftzug des Worts loyal

How important is brand trust?

Everyone knows them, the well-known brands where you don't worry about a purchase going wrong or the products disappointing you. We all have brands that we trust because we have already had good experiences with them or the products have always convinced us. Brand trust is the holy grail for retailers and brands, because a generally high level of brand trust often goes hand in hand with enormous sales and a pole position in the respective industry. In this blog post, you can find out what brand trust actually means, further reasons why it is so important for brands and how you can manage to increase your brand trust with the help of Douglas Marketing Solutions.

Frau mit Handy in der Hand

Storytelling – using online marketing discipline successfully and relevantly for users

Everyone probably knows by now that a lot of marketing is about emotions. People are guided by their emotions and needs, and this also applies to purchasing decisions. Conversely, this means for the marketing industry that measures must be chosen that appeal to people on an emotional level. Almost no tool is as suitable for this as telling a story, i.e. storytelling. In online marketing, it is already used effectively by many companies. But what exactly is storytelling and why does a brand use storytelling in online marketing? In this blog post you will find out which marketing disciplines also reach the end consumer on an emotional level.

Banner Douglas Marketing Solutions

Success story of Douglas Marketing Solutions – how the N°1 beauty retailer wins over the web audience with digital media campaigns and first-party data

Most people associate the brand Douglas with the leading perfumery chain in Germany with over 2,400 stores in Europe. But at least since the Corona pandemic, it should have become clear to everyone that online retailing in particular is one of the safest and most consistent ways to shop for their favorite products. Douglas became aware of this even before the pandemic and for this reason the beauty retailer increasingly invested in its own online retail.

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