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The backbone of e-commerce: How online reviews and “social proof” determine e-commerce performance

The rapid development of social media and e-commerce is attracting more and more consumers to online forums that revolve around products and their reviews. Reviews have now become so important in e-commerce that they have already established their own little ecosystem, consisting of a total of four main players: Rating syndicators, sampling providers, analytics companies, and retailers.

Sponsored Product Ads

E-Commerce pole position with sponsored product ads

Efficient product placement where customers are looking and fast discoverability via keyword search – and all this directly during the shopper journey? Sponsored product ads put your products in pole position for best visibility and results.

Retail Media

Retail media: Escaping the “Cookiecalypse”

Retail media is no longer a foreign concept in Germany, but it was only last year that a small marketing revolution was triggered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. And it will remain a hot topic over the coming years. After all, how better to reach customers than while they're already shopping online?

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