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The power of product reviews and product tests on the web is still unbroken. In e-commerce these days, it almost doesn’t matter what the product is, the consumer almost always looks at the reviews under the product and even on other platforms, such as YouTube or Instagram, before buying. This kind of word-of-mouth marketing is extremely powerful and, in the worst case scenario, can lead to a product not being purchased if the feedback is bad. This post is especially aimed at people or entire companies who want to learn how to acquire good and honest reviews from real consumers for their products. Here you can find out what product tests can do for you, how the product tests work as part of the Douglas Beauty Tester programme by Douglas Marketing Solutions and which packages can be useful for you as a retailer. 

What do product tests by Douglas Marketing Solutions bring to your company? 

Product tests are one thing above all: authentic. Potential buyers trust online reviews even more than recommendations from friends. This fact alone underlines the importance of product reviews. Both negative and positive feedback are given roughly the same amount of trust.

Why a Beauty Tester campaign in cooperation with Douglas?

But why should companies run a beauty tester campaign with Douglas of all companies? Here are a few figures: 

  • Douglas is the No. 1 beauty destination
  • Douglas owns the No. 1 Beauty App
  • Douglas has more than 2400 stores 
  • Douglas has over 44 million CRM customers

From the unique data pool, Douglas can select the desired product testers that match the target group and recruit them for a beauty tester campaign. Product reviews and product tests are enormously important for companies and especially for the sale of products, because the majority of all consumers consult product reviews while shopping and many of the consumers consider reviews to be an important source when making a purchase decision.

The benefits for businesses in a Douglas Beauty Tester campaign: 

  • Reach quality testers
  • Get exclusive insights about consumers
  • Get authentic reviews on the product detail page to build trust and drive e-com sales
  • Benefit from word-of-mouth marketing
  • Expand usable content
  • Receive a trust mark for authenticity
  • Additionally benefit from a long-term SEO effect
  • Benefit from additional visibility on as all reviews are included in the category navigation
  • The test highlights are implemented on the place-to-be of your product detail page
  • Benefit from an additional e-com push through a newsletter campaign

How do Douglas Marketing Solutions product tests work? 

But what do brands or manufacturers who are interested in a beauty tester campaign have to do? Here we describe the internal process for interested manufacturers. The first step is a kick-off call with the Douglas Beauty Tester Team from Douglas Marketing Solutions, in which the programme is presented. 

Either a pure Beauty Tester campaign is decided upon or it is integrated into a full funnel campaign with Douglas Marketing Solutions. In both cases, Douglas Marketing Solutions creates a media plan and sends it to the respective manufacturing company for approval. In addition to a briefing template, which is completed by the client, the client also receives an overview of the campaign schedule. 

In addition, we need text and images for the newsletter and landing page, knockout questions and a defined target group. Douglas Marketing Solutions then selects a precisely fitting target group on the basis of the briefing. From the more than 10 million CRM members in the database, the perfect potential testers are selected according to age, gender, brand preferences, category/subcategory preference, purchase history and other criteria. These are contacted by Douglas and apply as participants in the Beauty Tester campaign. Douglas Marketing Solutions also prepares the newsletter and the landing page. Once everything is prepared, only the products and, if desired, brand brochures need to be delivered to the shipping service provider. The campaign can start and the customer can sit back and relax from this point on. 

When the campaign goes live, Douglas Marketing Solutions takes care of everything else: for example, sending out surveys, triggering reviews and generating profits to match. The test phase begins and the beauty testers are given time to test. After this, the evaluation phase begins and the first reviews get on the product detail page. The product testers are asked to give an honest review. 

Once the campaign is complete, Douglas Marketing Solutions puts together a landing page with the campaign results. If you decide on a larger package – more on this topic in the next paragraph – a social wall with user-generated content is also created and the reviews are syndicated to the site. The reporting and survey results will be delivered two weeks after the end of the campaign. The duration of the collaboration for the campaign is a good two months in total.

In which packages can the product tests from Douglas Marketing Solutions be booked? 

Since Douglas’ customers vary in proportion, it is possible to choose between three different packages for the Beauty Tester campaign at Douglas Marketing Solutions. The three packages also differ in other criteria and services. 

Beauty Tester Package Classic

With the Classic package, test products are sent out to 100 people. The campaign also includes activation via a CRM newsletter. The publication takes place on the German Douglas site as well as on the websites and The maximum number of reviews that can be achieved with this package is 300. The package includes a content page with text and images. Visibility on the page is guaranteed by integration into the navigation and the customer also receives a Trust Seal.

Beauty Tester Package Plus

The Plus Package includes activation via a CRM newsletter and the sending of test products to 150 people. The publication also takes place on the German Douglas site, as well as on the websites and and additionally on 600 reviews are the maximum number of reviews that can be achieved in the Plus Package. The package also includes a content page with text, images, additional visual content and quotes as well as a social feed. 

The integration into the navigation ensures visibility on the page and the customer is also provided with a trust seal. As a differentiation to the Classic Package, the Plus Package also includes an upgrade of the product detail page, a focus on social media affinity and a social wall that gives an overview of the posts under the campaign hashtag and whose social feed is integrated on the content page. 

Beauty Tester Package Exclusive

The Exclusive Package includes the sending of test products to 200 people. An activation via a CRM newsletter as well as a content page with text, images, further visual content, quotes and a social feed are also included in the Exclusive Package. The publication takes place on Douglas sites in Germany (, Austria ( and Switzerland ( as well as additionally on

With this package, up to 800 reviews can be achieved. In addition to the Trust Seal that the customer receives, visibility on the site is guaranteed by integration into the navigation. The Exclusive Package includes social media affinity targeting, an upgrade of the product detail page and a social wall that is integrated into the social feed on the content page and gives an overview of the postings under the campaign hashtag. 

As a differentiation from the Plus Package, the Exclusive Package still provides the client with customer surveys to create promotional statements and gain consumer insights. In addition, premium beauty story teasers are integrated and sent out. The Exclusive Package also includes a media package with Audience Ads that can be placed at the same time or after the campaign is completed. This is done in order to distribute the campaign results and optionally the user generated content on to a broader audience.

Product tests and other advertising solutions from Douglas Marketing Solutions

Douglas Marketing Solutions’ product tests increase your brand’s conversion rate and sales on up to four platforms. Customers are recruited exclusively from the CRM community and encouraged to test the products. This results in authentic reviews on the product detail page, which can also be used in the form of images or quotes.

You too can benefit from other marketing and media booster options, such as sponsored product ads, social and display advertising as well as search engine advertising. Do you have any questions about our advertising solutions or specifically about the Douglas Beauty Tester Programme? Feel free to contact us!

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