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Cooperation with Douglas Marketing Solutions

Brands are always looking for new ways to get their products to consumers successfully and with high sales, and there are many ways to do this. But weighing up which paths should be used and which should rather not be taken is certainly helpful. At Douglas Marketing Solutions, companies are fully accompanied and supported from the sales process through campaign management to the evaluation of the measures taken.

In this blog post, we will present a how-to guide that explains how the collaboration between Douglas Marketing Solutions and the respective clients works and which tasks and tools are part of the collaboration to make a campaign a success. In doing so, Douglas Marketing Solutions implies values such as trust, appreciation and organisation in the entire collaboration.

The collaboration starts with the sales process

Collaboration with Douglas Marketing Solutions starts, as usual, with the sales process. The first contact with the customer is made either proactively or through inbound lead processing. 

After individual consideration of the company to be supported, a sales deck is sent out or an appointment is set up to discuss and implement the sales deck together with the customer. In this meeting, the team already establishes follow-ups.

If the client is seriously interested in running a campaign in cooperation with Douglas Marketing Solutions, the company must fill out a so-called briefing template. This asks for information such as the brand and products, the target group, the campaign goals and the available budget.

The campaign management takes over the further planning and cooperation

Campaign management receives the client’s briefing template. This is decisive for further cooperation, because it determines whether further analysis work is necessary or not. The answer to this question determines the further organisation.

Sasan Ariataba - Senior Sales Manager / Retail Media

Further cooperation with the client’s analysis 

If the client’s briefing, with the appropriate budget, requires further analysis, the strategy team first looks at where the brand and especially the product to be promoted are in their development. Special attention is paid to the performance of the brand or the product at Douglas and also to the e-commerce performance. Here, a comparison is made with the category in order to discover and analyse conspicuous features. 

In addition, the competition and the target group of the brand or product are considered based on the company’s own shopper and CRM data. From this, the challenges and insights for the brand or product are derived and a media objective is defined. 

Based on this, the necessary touch points along the customer journey are planned. These can include measures such as audience ads, sponsored product ads or other advertising solutions. Target KPIs are then defined, on which the campaign is further optimised and according to which the campaign is ultimately also evaluated.

Further cooperation without analysis of the client 

It can also happen that the process described above is not necessary, for example because the briefing was clear enough or the maturity level and budget do not require it. In this case, the campaign management team members directly create a media recommendation, present it to the client and consult or discuss possibilities and solutions for the project together with the client. 

Aylin Ersan - Douglas Marketing Solutions

The company can also be provided directly with a ready-made media plan with or without an included strategy, which is gone through together with the client. This requires a prior availability check of the campaign management, the targeting department from the target group analysis and further insights from the strategic analysis. 

Customer satisfaction as the most important goal in the cooperation – even before the campaign goes live

Customer satisfaction is the most important point for Douglas Marketing Solutions in the cooperation. When the sales team has done its work and the campaign management has drawn up a campaign plan that is convincing for the client, the client gives the release. The campaign management then sends the technical specifications that the client needs to be able to set up creatives.

The assets produced by the client are reviewed again by the campaign management and tested by Douglas Marketing Solutions staff to ensure they match the media plan and specs. If these fit, the channel experts are briefed for the campaign setup.

In the final step, the campaign goes live. Here, the campaign managers continuously monitor the campaign performance and, if necessary, carry out optimisations to achieve the target KPIs. Reports are created according to defined cycles. This process leads to a flexible campaign management that works promisingly and makes customers happy with the results.

Douglas Marketing Solutions as a reliable partner

Reliable and constant customer care and communication is at the heart of the entire process for Douglas Marketing Solutions. Equally important is the achievement of the campaign goal and an increase in sales for the customer. This means teamwork – both with colleagues and team members as well as with the customer himself.

All these goals and the constant optimisation possibilities of the campaigns allow companies – even outside the beauty industry – many interesting opportunities to present their own products in a variety of ways, both on Douglas itself but also offsite.

In cooperation with Douglas Marketing Solutions, each customer is individually addressed and a perfectly personalised campaign is tailored. For questions about collaborations and further enquiries, simply contact us via the contact form.

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