Quick Commerce – new potential in e-commerce and how DOUGLAS made use of it

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The world of e-commerce is fast, no question about it. With the huge range of merchants, online stores and sales platforms, users are spoiled for choice when shopping online. To provide customers with the best possible shopping experience, DOUGLAS has set its sights on fast delivery. After all, every user looks forward to holding their product in their hands as soon as possible. Thanks to Quick Commerce, a delivery was created that both satisfies the customer and is highly profitable for the supplier. What Quick Commerce is all about and what DOUGLAS has experienced with it, you will find out in this blog. Have fun!

Customer loyalty programs and why they help DMS’s customers capture a precise target group

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DOUGLAS, Hunkemöller, DM, Lidl and Peek&Cloppenburg – no matter where you look or rather shop – you now encounter so-called customer loyalty programs everywhere. But what exactly does this mean? Is it really simply a matter of rewarding the customer’s loyalty, or is there also a significant benefit for the company and our customers behind it? In this blog post, you’ll find out what the widely used loyalty cards are all about, how DMS uses them for its own benefit, and why they are indispensable for targeted and personalized marketing. Enjoy the read!

Precision Advertising: What is it and how does Douglas work with it?

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Playing out the right message to exactly the right target group – such a precise approach is possible with precision advertising. The key to winning new customers therefore lies in data-driven communication. While traditional push marketing is increasingly reaching its limits when it comes to addressing customers individually, precision marketing offers new starting points and communication options here. In this blog post, you’ll find out what exactly lies behind the term and how we at Douglas Marketing Solutions deal with precision advertising.

Brand communication with Douglas Retail Media

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As the largest beauty platform in Europe, we can access a lot of relevant data for the brands we list. The insights derived from this data can be incorporated into a customer-related strategy, and we always follow the “Data to Insights to Action” process. Along this process, potentials and challenges for a brand are identified, goals are set and relevant target groups are derived or individually compiled. In addition, in the course of brand consulting, we make advertising and budget recommendations, forecasts for the advertising campaign and long-term development forecasts against which a brand can be aligned. We spoke with Patrick Vater, Media Strategy Consultant at Douglas Marketing Solutions, about brand consulting and full funnel brand communication.

Behind the Scenes: Lisa-Katharina Köntgen – Junior Digital Activation Manager

Lisa-Katharina Köntgen - Douglas Marketing Solutions

Today we put Lisa in the spotlight. She studied marketing with passion, and after her master’s degree in marketing management she gained 2.5 years of experience as a digital activation manager in a media agency. There she advised various clients from different industries in digital media and set up holistic strategies and media plans. Her analytical skills and drive for successful campaigns are what makes Lisa stand out. The beauty industry has long been a great passion of hers and she is happy to be able to combine her skills with it.
She dedicates herself to the entire campaign with vigor, from client briefing to final reporting.

Transaction Media vs Awareness Media – the big misunderstanding: Why retail media is often still located in the lower funnel corner

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Marketing strategies always start at different positions in the customer journey, depending on the specific goals of the brand. Basically, potential customers should be provided with the best possible information and content in order to complete a purchase. One aspect of this marketing is retail media – a way of convincing customers with the intention to buy of one’s own brand and bringing them to the conclusion of a purchase. But that’s not the only function of retail media: Used correctly, this strategy can have positive effects at various points in the customer journey and attract the attention of new customers to one’s brand.
In this blog post, we explain how retail media can also be used perfectly for brand awareness and what benefits arise when a platform like Douglas.de is also used for upper funnel marketing. Have fun reading!

Onsite campaigns – using ads to create visibility on the digital shelf

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How do I present and place my products online so that they are seen as often as possible? This is the question that many companies in the Beauty-and-Beyond sector are asking themselves. Visibility on the analogue as well as the digital shelf is decisive for enormous sales amounts and also creates awareness for the brand. It is therefore extremely important that one’s own products are well placed onsite.
For this purpose, Douglas offers advertising solutions that include well-performing onsite campaigns. In this article, we explain what these onsite campaigns consist of, how onsite campaigns work at Douglas and what customers can expect from onsite campaigns at Douglas. Enjoy reading!

Contextual targeting as part of the strategy for retailers in the post-cookie era

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Media owners and marketers should use the time before the final third-party cookie phase-out to test various alternative solutions for themselves. The cookie countdown ends in near future and marketers should then have a suitable solution ready. Especially for campaigns that need to reach target groups with the widest possible reach, contextual targeting is seen by advertisers and publishers as an answer to life after cookies are out.

The next big thing: social commerce – live shopping on social media and other platforms

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Social commerce is the promotion and sale of products via social media and other platforms. Customers interact with the company through likes, comments or private messages, often during a livestream. What additionally distinguishes social commerce is a fluid customer experience without media discontinuity.
Which trends will determine the social commerce market in 2022? What role will community commerce play and how can your company be part of the trend? We will give you the answers to all that in this blog post. Let’s go!

Douglas Marketing Solutions: Marketing Use Cases for Bestsellers and Launch of Beauty and Beyond

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Douglas Marketing Solutions advises each customer individually, depending on their needs and products. New products or product launches have to be marketed differently than bestsellers and products that already exist on the market. We explain the funnel model and what role it plays in the marketing of products depending on the marketing use case. This blog post is primarily intended as a guide to help brands understand our way of marketing at Douglas, while also providing tips on how to most successfully bring products to consumers. Enjoy reading!

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