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Douglas Marketing Solutions: Marketing Use Cases for Bestsellers and Launch of Beauty and Beyond

Douglas Marketing Solutions advises each customer individually, depending on their needs and products. New products or product launches have to be marketed differently than bestsellers and products that already exist on the market. We explain the funnel model and what role it plays in the marketing of products depending on the marketing use case. This blog post is primarily intended as a guide to help brands understand our way of marketing at Douglas, while also providing tips on how to most successfully bring products to consumers. Enjoy reading!


Customer loyalty – customer retention through retargeting

A major goal of various marketing measures, which offer the advertising industry enormous added value, is customer loyalty. But how does a brand manage to retain customers? First of all, it should be said that often an interplay of many marketing measures must take place in order for a customer to become loyal to a brand. From Audience Ads to Sponsored Product Ads, there are marketing measures to make customers aware of products and, in the best case, to bind them. Another option is retargeting. But what is retargeting, why do companies like Douglas use it and how does Douglas Marketing Solutions work with it? Find out in this blog post.

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Ratings & Reviews – how do customer reviews contribute to success?

Even though shop and product descriptions provide customers with important information during online shopping, consumers today buy primarily on the basis of customer ratings and reviews. Ratings and reviews help other consumers to form an impression of the product, to obtain information about the quality and the service and to create trust. That's why authentic and good customer reviews are worth their weight in gold, especially in e-commerce, where the product cannot be tested by the consumer. In this blog post, we explain what exactly is meant by ratings and reviews, why these types of customer evaluations are so important, what opportunities and risks they entail and how your company can use customer evaluations to its advantage.

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Douglas Beauty Tester – product tests for new products and bestsellers with qualitative reviews

The power of product reviews and product tests on the web is still unbroken. In e-commerce these days, it almost doesn't matter what the product is, the consumer almost always looks at the reviews under the product and even on other platforms, such as YouTube or Instagram, before buying. This kind of word-of-mouth marketing is extremely powerful and, in the worst case scenario, can lead to a product not being purchased if the feedback is bad. This post is especially aimed at people or entire companies who want to learn how to acquire good and honest reviews from real consumers for their products. Here you can find out what product tests can do for you, how the product tests work as part of the Douglas Beauty Tester programme by Douglas Marketing Solutions and which packages can be useful for you as a retailer.

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Changed media use behaviour in Germany: What influence does Covid-19 have on media use?

The Covid 19 virus has left its mark on our lives, including our media use behaviour. Media use refers to the consumption of all media offerings and mass media, including analogue and online offerings, such as television, radio, podcasts, video-on-demand, print media and many more. This blog post focuses on how media consumption has changed in each area and what impact the Covid 19 virus has had on this change and what will be important in the future. Hence, the information refers to the year 2020 and 2021.

A Comparison Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms

A Comparison: Customer Data Platforms and Data Management Platforms

Advertisers know that today data is essential for targeted strategy planning and campaign execution. But not all data is the same. What information do you need to get the best results? This always depends on the campaign objective. But once you know what data you need, there is still the question of how to get a relevant data pool. In this blog post, we contrast the features of customer data platforms (CDP) and data management platforms (DMP) and answer questions like "What are the benefits of these two types of platforms?", "How do they differ?" and "Which type of platform is more suitable for which marketing objective?" Enjoy reading!

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles Day – shifting the Christmas business to November

November has become the promotion month by all means. On no less than three days, everything stands under the motto discounts, discounts, discounts. Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming increasingly popular and with the rising popularity of these days, Christmas business is also increasingly shifting to November. In this blog post, you can find out the reasons for this development, where all the promotion days come from and what this shift means for stationary trade and online retailers.

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Individualisation and personalisation – e-commerce and online marketing rely on personalised and individualised content

Everyone knows the situation: We search for something on Google and all of a sudden, even if the search has long since ended, we get a bunch of advertisements on the previously searched topic. The keyword in this case is personalisation. This brings in billions for the marketing industry, but in today's world it is also necessary in order to be able to distribute products to the right target group at all. Nowadays, our society is becoming more and more diverse, and so is its buying behaviour. People live in different places, have different interests and use different platforms. So it is becoming more and more difficult to reach every user equally well.

DOUGLAS Retail Media Summit

The 1st Douglas Retail Media Summit – exciting topics on the trendy subject of retail media

It's done and the whole Douglas Marketing Solutions team is overjoyed. The 1st Retail Media Summit was a complete success. Over 800 registrations and overwhelming feedback from the audience make it clear: there will definitely be a second edition of the Summit. What made the Summit so special, what topics, information, lectures and master classes it was all about and who took part – find out here.

Thao Tram Lam - Doulgas Marketing Solutions

Behind the Scenes: Thao Tram Lam – Junior New Business & Project Manager

Heute stellen wir unsere neueste Mitarbeiterin Thao Tram Lam vor. Ihre Reise bei Douglas Marketing Solutions begann mit einem Praktikum mit anschließender Werkstudententätigkeit. Nun erklimmt Tram die nächste Stufe auf der Karriereleiter: Junior New Business & Project Managerin bei Douglas Marketing Solutions. Tram bringt neben Kreativität und Leidenschaft auch einen neuen Blick auf die Beauty Industrie und damit auf zukunftsorientierte Marketingansätze mit. Dabei möchte sie zukünftige digitale Trends mitgestalten und strebt immer nach neuen Optimierungen. Sie ist motiviert, sich neuen Herausforderungen zu stellen und stetig dazuzulernen.

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